Cynthia’s Medieval Site

While in graduate school at the University of Houston Cynthia developed an interest in hagiography or the medieval writings on the lives of the northern or Scottish saints.  She took the original manuscript of the life of the patron saint of Glasgow, Mungo or Kentigern and for the first time since the 1860’s translated it into modern English.  She then did a rhetorical analysis of the work to put it into context of his time (6th century), the time of the writer (12th century) and our modern age (21st century).

Cynthia’s work continues to get attention.  Connie  Jensen is an editor at a Cumbria (UK) publisher who is re-releasing a series of books by the author Kathleen Herberts “Bride of Spear” trilogy.  The  translation and thesis were helpful in this process.  You can visit Connie’s blog spot and learn more about the work and the series.

Cynthia’s translation is also used extensively in Adam Ardry’s

“Finding Merlin” and just released “Finding Arthur"

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