"Acorn and the Amber"

Greyson and Gramps taken at the Houston Zoo December 2013

In January 2014 I did a house concert in Austin, Texas and for the first time I was able to sing “Grandpa’s Pocket Watch” to two of my grandsons, Greyson Gomez and Joey Stacey.  Watching their smiles and how they enjoyed sharing the spotlight was a particular treat.  Earlier I had included my oldest grandson, Christopher Talon Green, in my song “Living on the Dark Side”.  I have commented that you could tell the age of the singer/songwriter by the subjects we write about. We go from dreaming about our first love then progress to our wife and on to our first child.  Then we begin to write about our kids growing then our growing older and then on to our grandkids.  As I was editing the video from the house concert I began to think about my grandfather and his stories of his dad.  I turned my thoughts to continuity/immortality.  I recalled a comment of how the acorn contains the full oak tree in that small seed.  Then the image of a bug frozen for all time in amber - the fossilized drop of tree sap.  Both maintain though the ages but one is living and one has form but no life.  It was a short jump to seeing songs as “the seeds of the songwriters soul” and wondering what my grandson’s would take from my songs and pass along…not the song but their creative process.  If that isn’t something for a folk song nothing is.

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