"Life Outside the Box"

20 Cedars xmas

Christmas 1955 at 20 Cedar’s Road in Caldwell, NJ - Wendy, Dororthy (mom), Phil, Grandma Helen Snyder and Charlie with his first guitar

“Life Outside the Box” (c) Charles Stacey

I was having a typical multi-faceted discussion with Cynthia about 1) the quantum nature of consciousness and how in fact all reality is in our head - a mosaic created by our brain from both external sensory input and equally as internal images from memory. The brain can’t tell the difference between the internal and external reality; 2) with that knowledge, the challenge then of living our life outside the box - or said another way: living a life not trapped within the confines of mother culture and what we believed was an objective reality and finally 3)what a difference punctuation makes in expressing and idea - the location of the comma can change the meaning.  Put all that together and let it germinate in the mind of a songwriter and you get “Life Outside the Box”.

Enid 1958

Charles - Phillip and Prince at the “house on the highway (81N) in Enid, Oklahoma 1957

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