Just for the record I’m 64 (at this writing) and feel better than I did when I was 30 … but that is another story for another day.  A few days before I had been reminising, as us mature songwriters do, about how we were from the generation that wasn’t so disposable as the younger folks today.  I had done a quick informal survey and had asked a few younger types what Neatsfoot Oil was and no one could tell me.  Flash forward in time now and I was standing in the living room getting ready to go to the office. I was behind our really comfortable leather sofa with the morning sun streaming in with one of the dogs laying on the back resting.  The couch was cracked and scuffed and faded but all I could think about was how comfortable it was to sit and nap in.  As I shrugged on my 30 year old bullhide leather jacket I realized it had no lining or zipper but was still the warmest and most comfortable jacket I have.  I found myself laughing and commenting to the dogs (Sheva and Fiona) that these things were the mirrors of my life.  I sat down the next day with my guitar and decided to try and channel Guy Clark and put all that together into a song.  The muse smiled and in about 2 hours I had what was the basic form all done. Oh, by the way, neatsfoot oil is the conditioning oil I used as a kid on my Nelly Fox baseball glove to keep it from drying out and cracking.

Mirrors Illustration

Charlie’s old couch and leather jacket (a gift for many Yule’s past from Becky the Elder

“Mirrors” (c) Charles Stacey

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