“Precious Cargo"

Los Pinos River A

When I took that fateful bike ride at Animas Park in Farmington and saw those two red long stemmed roses floating in that eddy by the riverside I knew there was a song in it.  

Los Pinos River Ice

I finished the first one (see “Two Roses” blog below) and Cynthia smiled and in her knowing way said: “That’s really pretty …  but there is a ballad in there somewhere and you need to find the story.”  Now any song I am part of creating is like one of my children and I love them all.  Having said that I also have learned over the past 20 years to listen to Cynthia and do what she says.  So I sat down and listened to the muse and woke up one morning a few days later with the thought of the river and all the “precious cargo” the river carries over it’s long life.  The two roses were just one bit of that “precious cargo”.  At the same time I was experimenting with a short capo (introduced to me by Ken Gaines and made by Kyser) that I had used in the “Wolf Song” but this time in a different position.  This time it in effect tuned the guitar to an open A tuning.  As I messed with that tuning, a chord progression took shape and the story began to flow.  With the rhyming pattern and the chords for structure I found the story began to emerge but each time I thought I knew where to take the story it headed somewhere else.  Clearly this tale was out there waiting to be told and I had no choice but to listen and get it down right.  My writer friends talk about the story and characters taking on a life of their own and how exciting that is.  Now I know what they mean (thank you Deborah Kai and Kevin Hearne).  I hope you find the story as captivating to listen to as it was to discover.

“Precious Cargo” (c) 2014 Charles Stacey

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