"Shadows from a Shooting Star"


Paul and Kelly Williams at the Memphis gathering 2001

“Shadows from a Shooting Star” (c) 2001 Charles Stacey and Paul Williams

In 2000 Cynthia and I were invited to perform at a gathering just outside Memphis.  At that festival we made one of those cosmic connections with Paul and Kelly.  He was an over the road truck driver and had gotten discouraged with music and put his guitar away.  We were invited back the next year and jumped at the chance to go. Kelly and Paul were there and Paul had been inspired to get his guitar out and get back to writing.  He was upbeat and excited inspite of having run into some tough times financially.  There had been a dip in the economy and a spike in gas prices and his truck had been repossessed.  With his indomitable spirit and optimism though he had been hired by the repo company that took his truck and now he was out doing the repo work.  We expressed our concern for his safety but he smiled and explained that if he was up front and sympathetic with the drivers they understood his job and would not give him a hard time.  We headed home after a great weekend of music and conversation but less than a month later we got a call from Kelly and Paul had been murdered while repossessing an 18 wheeler.  The person had chased him down and shot him in cold blood and to make matters worse the DA had declined to press charges on the shooter.  In the sadness and sense of loss we were all trying to make sense of what seemed like such a senseless waste and I did what I so often do and took the guitar to a quite place and sat down and asked Paul to explain.  What came out almost fully formed and not sounding like anything I had done before was “Shadows from a Shooting Star”.  I gave Paul the co-writer credit and still get chills when we sing what has become one of the more requested songs in our repertoire.  That picture of Paul and Kelly became the major art for the cover on the “Voice of the Veil” CD. 

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