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Harmless CD Cover

“Innocuus sed Perterbans” (Harmless Yet Alarming) September 2013 

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A long time ago in a galaxy far away a group of folks was sitting around a campfire trying to describe the music of the band Gypsyfire   Nancy Lorenzen, Cynthia Whiddon Green and John Holder all spoke Latin and came up with “Innocuous sed perterbans” which they then translated as “harmless yet alarming”.  Over the almost 20 years the band’s sound has stretched and warped to fit the creative talents of the folks joining Charlie and Cynthia. The focus on the story remains and the Celtic heart still beats strong but each set of voices have added layers and texture and new eyes and ears.   Gypsyfire has once again found an interesting “new suit of clothes” to try on for your inspection.  Steve Sprague, Lori Stephens Reed, Tori Myers and John Cater have joined Charlie to create a sound that some might describe as a cross between fusion jazz and contemporary folk.  Take a listen and see what you would call it.  I call it “Harmless Yet Alarming”. 

Calendar Cover

Time’s Mandala November 2012 - Farmington, New Mexico  

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Ancient rhythms beat an echo deep within our souls, reminding us we are part of an ever-turning Wheel of Life. We are connected to the world around us and to each other by the seasons represented by that Wheel. The dance of Life blurs the rigid edges of time and space that we long to construct to mark our passage as it moves us through times of silence and despair back to hope again. That is the Celtic Calendar. In the words and rhythms of these songs you will hear the echo of tribal stories combined with the technology of contemporary music. Both serve as a reminder that we move on, turned and changed by the Wheel of Life. It is a journey of hope, of knowing that joy returns as surely as the seasons change.  Debbie Doggett 

Brothers of the Dark Earth November 2007 - Farmington, New Mexico 

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The cover is a photo of Cynthia’s great uncle and his mine crew in West Virginia just after the turn of the century.  This album is a collection of traditional Irish and Charlie’s original narrative folk in the Celtic tradition.  This disc includes Carl and Kathy Freuden, Bob Condon and of course Charlie and Cynthia. This disc give you the songs that made up the heart of the set list for Gypsyfire from 2003 to 2008 which is the beginning of the Green Chili Celtic years.  The title track is the story of Cynthia’s grandfather, John Francis Bell and it tries to explain why for a very long time people have, in spite of the danger, gone underground to make their living.

looking glass cover large

Through the Looking Glass Darkly September 27, 2000 - Houston, Texas 

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These songs are postcards from a 5 year period.  The path was through a challenging and sometimes terrifying landscape.  When I set out I expected this to be a journey out of darkness but as my eyes adjusted to the light, I found the terror was transformed and instead of out it lead inward.  The songs then are the stories of people who shared their journeys with me as they led from isolation to relationship.  Relationship  with environment, other, self and the spirit.  The voice is mine but the stories are of a number of brave souls who must remain anonymous but I will remain forever in their debt for the gifts they gave me.  My writing partners in this project were Alan Frost and Holly Bara.  Their efforts went far beyond the writing and to friends who shared their own lives and experiences on this adventure.

Troubadour.1 cover master

The Troubadour Volume 1  September 25, 2010 — Farmington, New Mexico

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It has been 21 years since that fateful day Bill Kingsbury convinced me that if I just put “one word with one chord and let the song go where it need to” I too could become a true singer/songwriter.  He made me promise I wouldn’t worry if the song was “good” or not but just write the music down because it was there.  Since then I have seen the technology go from 4 track tape to cassette to digital (my Roland 880) and now the computer based work stations with all the virtual signal processors and unlimited tracks.   Now I find the spiral has carried me back to the musical beginnings…just the guitar, voice and the story.  I hope the journey has been as exciting and affirming for you as it has been for me and I hope the songs reflect well on the people, places and experiences of those 21 years.

Troubadour.2 cover

The Troubadour Volume 2 September 26, 2010 - Farmington New Mexico 

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I have collected 24 of my songs to present in two volumes and let you hear them the way I wrote them, just the guitar, the voice and the story. My temptation is to fill in all the blanks anyone might find.  There was a time I would have filled in all the arcane references, the back story and all the things that triggered the story becoming a song.  I am finally beginning to trust the songs enough to let them tell themselves and let you the listener fill in the blanks.  The hard part was picking 24 songs from a catalog of about 150 “keepers” that have chronicled my journey.  I realize in some ways this an organic animists gospel song book and in some ways it’s a simple journal of people, places, thoughts and experiences.

The Troubadour Volume 3 February 2017 - Farmington New Mexico

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12 new original songs as they were written - just me and the guitar.

The Okie Songbook February 2017 - Farmington, New Mexico

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A collection of songs written in, from, to or about Charlie’s Oklahoma home

The Gypsyfire Irish Songbook March 2017 - Farmington, New Mexico

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This project was recorded in 2000 to provide music for an University of Houston on line class in Irish Literature.  It ended up not being used and lay gathering dust for 17 years.  There are 12 classic Irish songs.  Cynthia Whiddon Green, Charles Stacey, Ted Miller, David Thorp and Stephanie Dietrich were the band line up then.  Now you can hear it unlocked from the Gypsyfire vault

The Troubadour Volume 4 - April 16, 2017 - Farmington, NM

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The fourth in a series that is the official archive for original songs written or co-written by Charlie.  This one contains both the newest song to date “The Irish Folk Singers Lament” but also includes several of the earliest including 1990’s “Lookin’ for a Friend” co-written with Bill Kingsbury.  Again all 13 cuts are recorded just as they were written with just Charlie’s voice and guitar.

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Best of CD Cover

The Best of Gypsyfire Compilation - Houston, Texas

Since 1993 I have had the privilege of playing with a varied and talented group of musicians who share a love of traditional Celtic music and the newer incarnation of narrative folk music, a willingness to participate in a creative process and a name: Gypsyfire.  More than a band, this family is spread throughout Texas, Oklahoma and on through the mid-Atlantic and now west into New Mexico.  During this time we have performed in coffee houses, listening rooms, State Park Amphitheaters, Irish bars, festivals and other odd and wonderful places.  What these places all had in common was that they were inhabited by people who were willing to share in the musical conversation and often add stories of their own that found their way into the set lists shared on down the road.

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