"Innocuus sed Perterbans” (Harmless Yet Alarming) 

Harmless CD Cover

“Innocuus sed perterbans” (Harmless Yet Alarming) is the newest of Gypsyfire’s offerings.  The songs were hand picked from the Gypsyfire catalogue by producer/guitarist Steve Sprague and highlight his musical talents on the lap steel, resonator and jazz guitars.  Also joining Gypsyfire for the first time is Lori Stephens Reed (on “In Chains”).  The strength of her voice and its blending with Charlie’s assure that this won’t be the last time we hear from Lori.  Also joining on this project is long time friend Tori Myers.  She contributed harmony parts as well as doing an original paining for the cover art and writing the liner notes.  (Download)  (buy the CD)

Harmless CD back insert

“Crossroads” (c) Charles Stacey

“In Chains” (c) Charles Stacey & Holli Bara

“Unseen” (c) Charles Stacey

4. "Shadows from a Shooting Star (c) Charles Stacey

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