Gypsyfire - A Celtic Voice

Durango Celtic Music Festival - Steve on slide

Gypsyfire is in our 23rd year of entertaining at the crossroads of Original Contemporary Folk, Americana, Celtic, Appalachian, blues and jazz stories in song.  Charles Stacey, Cynthia Whiddon Green and Steve Sprague (along with friends) bring together a blend of styles, sounds and stories that move from humor to tragedy to political incorrectness.  Picture here a cross between a Fodor’s Travel Guide, a Neil Gaiman Graphic Novel and a Gary Larson Far Side Cartoon.  Charlie has built a catalogue of almost 200 original songs that bridge the spectrum of Celtic, contemporary folk, Americana and jazz with Steve bringing in a strong blues and jazz influence.  In the mean time Cynthia and Charlie have taken the traditional Appalachian and Celtic tunes and found ways of bringing the past and present together in original ways. 

We hope you’ll come and explore our place here - catch the latest news - learn more about the music and the musicians.

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