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High Desert Fusion is a band that brings the structure of Jazz, the essence of the blues and the lyrical sensibilities of folk music.

Based in Farmington, New Mexico, the heart of the Colorado Plateau, the music and the geography of this region run parallel.  Three rivers come from the Rocky Mountains and merge here as do the musical tastes and talents of this quartet; The sum of these merged and fused influences becoming greater than the parts.

Charles Stacey began his performing career as a guitarist at age 10 at a PTA fundraiser.  He sat on a stump and played “Old Black Joe”.  He went on to play jazz in a swing band, founded a folk group in 1963 “the 3 Charlies” and played the singing narrator in a high school production of “The Fantastiks” and “Spoon River Anthology”.  He began his singer/songwriter period in 1987 drawing heavily on his family’s Irish heritage and from 1994 to 2014 worked with his partner in crime and life, Cynthia, as the Celtic/Folk band Gypsyfire.  Cynthia’s retirement from performing spurred Charlie’s trading his trusty 12 string for an electrified guitar and a return to his jazz roots.

Steve Sprague and Charlie met at the open mic at Andrea Kristina’s and took turns playing at each others gigs.  Steve co-produced/arranged and played on the last 3 Gypsyfire CD projects.  That was when they decided it was time to bring all the musical influences together.

Steve Sprague cut his musical teeth playing and writing rock and roll and jazz in his native Upstate New York.  He found his way to Farmington and Andrea Kristina’s with his friend and fellow New York Stater, John Davis.  Steve proved his musical chops with a year long side trip to Memphis where he played on Beal Street in Memphis.  Along with his ability to play lead in just about any style Steve brings his considerable talents to arranging and the technical aspects of producing and recording

Lori Stephens Reed began doing blues and playing bass with Steve at the AK’s Open Mic.  She found her voice in Jazz and Blues and began singing with Steve as a duo and began writing songs in the jazz and blues tradition to add to the classic covers she and Steve worked up.  She joined Gypsyfire on 2 of the last 3 CD’s doing duets with Charlie and adding alto harmony to the mix.

Susan Levin is another alum of the Andrea Kristina’s open mic.  She began drumming with the Ashai Drummers then began to help out with the percussion on the Gypsyfire CDs.  Her love of folk music and sense of rhythm has kept us on the beat.  

The High Desert Fusion Premiere CD is “A State of Mind”.  It includes 13 tracks of original songs written by Lori, Steve and Charlie.

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A State of Mind CD Cover

State of Mind

Torch Song Lite

Grey Wolf Blue


Thunder and Lightening

Catch that Feeling

Country Rising Up



In Chains

The More Things Change



New Fusion from Charlie - this song is about the intersection point of blues, jazz and folk that defines High Desert Fusion:  This is a low-fi demo recording “Fusion” (c) 2017 Charles Stacey

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