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High Desert Fusion

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High Desert Fusion is a project under the Gypsyfire Productions umbrella that has brought together Blues, Jazz and Contemporary Folk to capture the best of all and then some.

Gypsyfire the Celtic Band


Gypsyfire has been playing, singing and writing in the tradition of the Bards and Shanachie’s and Troubadours of Ireland, Scotland and the rest of the Celtic world for 23 years and counting.

Gypsyfire the Studio and Production Project

Gypsyfire Studio 3

Gypsyfire has a small recording studio that is available for selected young musicians and special projects for other local artists.  This is designed to support the local creative community on a pro bono basis

Cynthia’s Medieval Site

Gypsyfire Productions has a mission.  The performances, recording projects, still photography, plus the odds and ends sold in the "small mall” all go to support: 1) developing a community of people committed to a conversation about making this world just a little bit better place; 2) supporting other artists both in fine arts and music; and 3) finding and encouraging young musicians by providing free recording/producing/development help to get them started and keep them going. We do this as part of the “Gifting Economy” 

If you fit any of these categories get in touch - Let’s talk!

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