Gypsyfire is an umbrella organization that for over 30 years has supported creativity in original music, video and still photography and is based in collaboration and committed to the support of good causes

The days my appreciation exceeds my expectations is always a good day

Ray Wiley Hubbard – Texas’ Haiku Cowboy

What’s Happening

Ga Greine has finished an active and exciting season and is looking forward to 2023

Steve Sprague is back and High Desert Fusion is getting going

Ongoing Projects – Friends of Don Greene in Houston fund raiser and original music video with Alex Lieban, Ted Miller, Howard Namkin and Janice Walden –

Also scheduled in early March 2023 is a Denver “Pig in a Poke” tour with Charlie and Alex in early March. Dates and Venues to be announced

Charlie and Steve with help from Deb Yost, Carl Freuden, Tony Evans and Halana Ward working in the studio on new songs, videos and a recording project for High Desert Fusion now tentatively named: “Snake Skin Shoes and selected short subjects”

Here are the projects that are gathered ’round the Gypsy’s Fire

Charles Stacey Solo Singer/Songwriter
Ga Greine the Band
Gypsyfire the Band
The Stories Behind the Songs
High Desert Fusion the Band
Gypsyfire Studios
Video Vault of Aged, Old, Cured and Selected Stock
A Pictorial Feast
The Songbook Project

Cynthia’s Medieval Site