The Story Behind the Song – “Life Outside the Box”

One day I was having a typical multi-faceted discussion with Cynthia. It started with my childhood and particularly my dad and our frequent moves. It then moved into 1) the quantum nature of consciousness and the fact that all reality is in our head – a mosaic created from external sensory input combined with memories held internally by the brain. We have no way of telling which is now and what is memory 2) with that fact the challenge then is the living a “life outside the box” or said another way: living life not trapped within the confines of “mother culture” and what we mistakenly believed was living within an objective reality and finally 3) what a difference a comma can make in the meaning and understanding of a thought. Put all that together in the mind of a folk singer and you get “Life outside the Box”

Track from the High Desert Fusion CD “Fractal Dreams”