The Story Behind the Song – “The Middle Way”

We had completed the Wolf Song CD Project and I was cleaning up the loose ends to file and I discovered a song that I started but forgot about and never finished. I had been captivated by the idea of the fences and who was more contained, the wolves or the people. Who was the keeper and who was the kept, the teacher and the student. Our fences in our human lives may not be as visible but perhaps are even more restraining. As I resumed working on the song I was struck by the holding of the opposites in our society and the growing polarity in our culture. It was then I realized that these magnificent beings who could no longer live in the wild could live a life of dignity and acceptance … a middle way between wild and death from poison or gunshot or starvation. The beneficiaries of the lessons are the volunteers who care and are cared for at the same time.