The Story Behind the Song – “Wolf Song”

Wolfwood is a registered rescue site for wolf and wolf mixes in Ignacio Colorado.  They are run by volunteers committed to the survival of wolves that can’t be returned to the wild and are completely funded by private donations.  Jaqui Jacobs is a dear friend and one of the committed volunteers and has recruited Gypsyfire to join in the cause.  Charlie and Jaqui collaborated on the first song of what is planned as a fund raising CD for the refuge.  

The Wolves are social animals who could teach us humans a good deal about getting along.  In the song the line in the second verse “from alpha to omega – each equally we need” refers to the organization of the pack.  The Alpha and Beta are the breeding pair and the Omega is the wolf that is basically the one everyone takes their frustration out on.  They, on one hand, seem to be the least of the pack and yet if the Alpha or Beta die the rest of the pack just shifts, re-balances and moves on.  If the Omega dies the pack my take two weeks before they hunt or eat again as they grieve the loss.

The Wolf Song appears on several of the CD’s