The Story Behind the Song – “Nothing (Isn’t Nothing)”

Even before the pandemic the world seemed to be in a constant state of pandemonium. I was at the Aztec Highland Games green room tent and one of the young folk who was volunteering was talking about the general state of affairs and how “nothing was going to be the same.” As a child of the 50’s it got me thinking to all the upheaval and upset for my baby boom generation and how at each conflagration we had said (and felt) the same sense of hopelessness of how “nothing would be the same.” Then comes the pandemic and once again I see media stories and hear people once again repeating that old chorus; “nothing’s going to be the same.” On one of my solitary walks early in the shutdown I was musing on how we were doing “nothing” and how nothing was always something and nothing was ever the same. And from that came this song that showed up on the CD the Troubadour Volume 6

This Track from “Troubadour Volume 6) and features Tony Evans