Charlie’s Solo CD’s

We moved from the old cassette format to digital the CD in 1995 using a Roland 880. Then in 2005 the shift to digital workstation expanded our capabilities thanks to the PreSonus interface and Studio One software. Kunaki has been our manufacturer all these years and CDBaby the archive and distributor for digital release to all the streaming platforms

The Troubadour Series was begun to be an archive of the best of the best in the catalogue and with just Charlie and the guitar which is how the songs were written. On Troubadour Volume 6 that changed and Charlie was joined by Tony Evans who added layers of keyboards, guitars and synthesizers. It all started when Charlie realized some of the stalwarts of his regular set lists had been around for years but never recorded. Thus they deserved a bit of extra attention.

The Okie Songbook had all new recordings and was a collection of songs that were inspired by or written about Oklahoma and was produced in honor of my 50th Class Reunion for the class of 1967 of Tahlequah (OK) High School.

Charlie Solo Album Cover Troubadour Vol 1
  1. The Troubadour
  2. Brothers of the Dark Earth
  3. Moments Choice (Grandpa’s Pocket Watch)
  4. Armadillo (Running from the Darkness)
  5. Cookson Hills
  6. Crossroads
  7. Living on the Dark Side
  8. One Step
  9. Santa Elena (Bluebonnet Two Lane)
  10. Ring ’round the Moon
  11. White Gardenia
  12. Song Man
  13. The Voyage
Charlie Solo Album Cover Troubadour Vol 2
  1. Shadows from a Shooting Star
  2. Ballad of Sally Jean
  3. The Game
  4. Touch the Silence
  5. Child of Many Names
  6. Belfast 1985
  7. Midnight Mind
  8. Silkie Song
  9. Ghosts Along the Brazos
  10. Journeyman’s Promise
  11. Riding the Blue Norther
  12. The Troubadour
Charlie Solo Album Cover Troubadour Vol 3
  1. Don’t You Hate That When It Happens
  2. Mirrors
  3. Two Roses
  4. Precious Cargo
  5. Middle Way
  6. Simple Love Song
  7. Torch Song Lite
  8. Acorn and the Amber
  9. Floating
  10. Carrington’s Tune
  11. The More Things Change
  12. Discourse on the Binary Nature of the Universe
  13. Ode to the Fractal
  14. In the Blink of an Eye
Charlie Solo Album Cover Troubadour Volume 1
  1. Odyssey
  2. Lookin’ for a Friend
  3. The Irish Folk Singer’s Lament
  4. Crystal Lake
  5. Kenny and His G String
  6. Supplication #12
  7. The Battle
  8. Moon Dance
  9. Movement
  10. Blue Sky
  11. Children of the Sky
  12. Dancing Lad and Lassie
Charlie Solo Album Cover Troubadour Volume 5
  1. Fusion
  2. Anticipation
  3. Sacramento Lullaby
  4. In Chains
  5. Midnight Mind
  6. Maiden of Kintyre
  7. No Man’s Land
  8. Spinning Wheel
  9. Spring Storm
  10. Stone Circles
  11. Allegheny Moon
  12. Reluctant Refugee
  13. Unseen
  14. the Wizard Rides
  15. The Gypsy Fire
Charlie Solo Album Cover Troubadour Volume 6
  1. Out of the Blue
  2. Minstrel and the Devil
  3. Illusion
  4. Are We There Yet?
  5. Steve’s Blues
  6. Sanctuary
  7. Wolf Song
  8. Gilly Flower
  9. Crystal Desert
  10. Travelin’ Through
  11. Nothing (Isn’t Nothing)
  12. Sister Sadie
  13. Rainbow in Disguise
  14. Down at Uncle Joe’s
  15. Canyon’s Call
  16. Ain’t Life Wonderful
Charlie Solo Album Cover Okie Songbook
  1. Ain’t Life Wonderful
  2. Spring Storm
  3. Down at Uncle Joe’s
  4. Reluctant Refugee
  5. Cookson Hills
  6. Don’t You Hate That (When It Happens)
  7. Life Outside the Box
  8. No Man’s Land
  9. Ring ’round the Moon
  10. One Step
  11. Unseen
  12. Sanctuary
  13. Song Man

And Here are the Official Video’s from “The Troubadour Volume 6”

played solo for a 2010 fundraiser for a friend Pam Combes. He played “Odyssey” which is one of his road songs from right around where Pam had settled when she left Farmington

There is a second video from the Pam Combes Fundraiser that seemed to be apperopos: “The Voyage”