Gypsyfire – the photo album

Here are the photographs from some of the memorable times that spanned the 22 years of Gypsyfire on stage

At the very beginning at Cafe Maison in Houston 1996
River’s Edge in Tulsa Oklahoma 1998
Crowne Pub 1999
The Witches Ball at Cardi’s in Houston 1999
Fort Hood Texas 1999
Crowne Pub in Clear Lake Texas 2000
Taping of cable show “Houston Rocks” at Cardi’s Club Houston 2000
St Patricks at the Side Car in NW Houston 2000
Back at the River’s Edge in Tulsa 2001
Farmington NM Riverfest 2006 with Carl and Kathy Freuden
Family Reunion Concert at Andrea Kristina’s in Farmington NM 2007
The Blue Frog in Temple Texas 2008
Wines of the San Juan with Carl and Kathy Freuden 2008
Farmington NM Renn Faire 2010
Farmington NM Renn Faire 2011
Houston Texas Reunion Concert with Ted Miller and Bryan Hoff 2012
Aztec Highland Games 2012
Aztec Downtown Ceilidh 2012
Wines of the San Juan in 2012
Aztec St Patrick’s Day Celebration 2012 with John Cater
Bay View Duck Reunion Show 2013 with Ted Miller, Maddie Dietrich, Bill and Liz Lowery
At a Coffee House in Farmington NM with Steve Sprague 2013
St Patricks Day at the Columbine in Mancos Colorado 2013 with Carl and Kathy Freuden and Bob Condon
Irish Embassy in Durango for the Celtic Music Festival 2013
Farmington NM Museum Music on the Terrace Series 2013 with Steve Sprague
Norwood Colorado Renn Faire 2013
Farmington NM Riverfest 2013 with Steve Sprague
Aztec Highland Games 2013 with Steve Sprague
Wines of the San Juan 2013
Aztec Highland Games 2014 with Steve Sprague
Visionary Heights in Houston with Ted Miller 2014
Farmington NM Library Summer Solstice Celebration 2014
Farmington NM Museum Music on the Terrace Series with Ted Miller and Steve Sprague 2014
Durango Celtic Music Festival 2014
Wines of the San Juan with Steve Sprague 2014
Aztec Highland Games 2015
Aztec Highland Games 2016 with Steve Sprague
Durango Celtic Music Festival at the Irish Embassy 2016
Aztec Highland Games on the Main Stage 2017
Aztec Highland Games on Traditional Stage with Steve Sprague 2017
Cortez Colorado 1st Celtic Fair 2017
Cortez Colorado 2nd Celtic Fair 2018