High Desert Fusion

HDF started as the duo of Steve Sprague and Charles Stacey as they moved from Celtic and folk focus to come back around to their foundation in the blues and jazz.

They quickly expanded with with Lori Reed’s vocals and Susan Levin’s percussion

cover art is a watercolor done live and the Wines of the San Juan Gig by Tim Gordon

and after a CD project were back to Charlie and Steve. In the recording Steve’s producers sense and orchestral ear were the key to the projects and what Steve brought to the studio and stage in addition to his voice and guitar playing

Steve then headed back to Upstate New York for a spell but now he’s back and were back in the studio working on the next High Desert Fusion CD’s. Yes, there’s enough new material for more than one!

A visual compendium of Charlie and Steve over the years as High Desert Fusion

In support of the artists at the High Desert Art Show in Farmington NM 2013
In support of the artists at the Art 350 Show in Farmington NM 2015
the big band at Identity Inc Farmington NM 2015
Farmington Museum Music on the Terrace Series 2015
Farmington Museum Annual Arts Awards 2015
the big band at Wines of the San Juan 2015
Steve and Charlie working things out at the Open Mic at Clancey’s 2018
2018 Gypsyfire No Worries on St Pats Day joined with Tony Evans

Both Charlie and Steve have a full catalogue of originals and a few covers that are favorites. It has made for interesting and entertaining sets. Here you can see and hear High Desert Fusion at work/play

Farmington NM Museum Music on the Terrace Series June 19, 2013